About My Avatar

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.57.04 AMMy avatar looks like me because she is wearing her hair high in a pony-tail. She is wearing bright clothes like me, she also has blue eyes and blonde hair. She looks cheerful and happy which is like me as well. ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Creative Commons

7163540259         <——————Photo from ‘Photos for class’

I learnt that if you use a photo from google you must use a creative commons licence but if you use a creative commons website like ‘Photos for class’ a bibliography will automatically come with the photo. You don’t need to create or use any bibliography or license if you take your own photo. I learnt that even though there are so many photos on google they are not all free for anyone to use. These rules also apply to videos and music as well as photos.

About Me

I am an artistic girl who loves birthdays I love to eat cake and love disneyland and elephants, frozen coke is my life and I am a glitter and glamour queen, I always have hope and I love ice cream I am super jazzy and am kind, I‘m a lush-aholic, my favourite snack is mints I love to be neat I am very original I love pizza! I‘m the opposite of quiet I adore roller coasters  and to relax and I’m super social I like to try new things and am very unique and love vibrant  pink I love to be whipped cream so much! xmas is my favourite thing  yummy enchiladas are the so good, Zoella is my absolute favourite and is the best, better then the rest!!!